REVIEW ::: Strange Invisible Perfumes September 05, 2016 17:02

Magazine Street by Strange Invisible Perfumes


Of the five senses, I think that scent has the truly unique capability to transport a person back in time to remember events from the past in such incredibly rich detail. For example, the smell of certain foods take me straight back to the simpler times of childhood. The smell of leather and horses remind me of summers spent on my aunt’s small country property in Texas, where I would ride daily and spend every waking, sun-lit moment outdoors, exploring all that nature has to offer. Fragrance draws people in closer, and also has the power to make me feel more confident, sexy, and perhaps, even a bit mysterious.

When transitioning from conventional products to more natural ones, I read that synthetic fragrance (perfume) has the potential to act as an endocrine disruptor, which is definitely something that I wanted to avoid. As such, one of the first items for me to replace was my perfume. My mother, who doesn’t mind conventional products, “inherited” all of my high-end perfumes. Though I was sad to see these go, I knew that there were better choices available to me. Initially, I used essential oil blends diluted in carrier oils to add some natural fragrance to my pulse points. However, I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be, a perfumer or an aroma therapist! Though the scents I created with my essential oil collection were lovely, they tended to lack a certain depth and allure, which I was accustomed to having in professionally made fragrances. What was a new Green Beauty aficionado to do?! Well, take to Instagram and see what my favorite Green Beauty blogging mavens had to say about the matter!

Through my Instagram “research” I discovered a brand called Strange Invisible perfumes, which are expertly blended by Alexandra Balahoutis. These perfumes, made in California, sounded exquisite. I was particularly intrigued by the description of Magazine Street, which the Strange Invisible website described as “an opulent perfume inspired by New Orleans…. Vanilla, vetiver, magnolia, and botanical musk conjure lush gardens wild with history and balconies of black iron lace.” As someone with a deep love of history who hails from the south, with family ties in New Orleans, I knew that I had to smell this perfume. Luckily, through a bit more internet delving, I discovered Bergamot Beauty, a locally curated selection of natural beauty products, including Strange Invisible perfumes. I reached out to Salwa, the owner of Bergamot Beauty, and scheduled a time to meet her and experience, first hand, the beauty that is a Strange Invisible perfume.

Now, please allow me to address the proverbial “elephant in the room”: as a graduate student on a graduate student budget, this perfume is what I would consider rather expensive at $265 per 1.7 ounce bottle. My old Chanel perfumes were more in the range of $100, to put this into comparison. However, I knew that I did not want to return to conventional perfumes made with synthetic chemical fragrances that could potentially disrupt my endocrine system. I also knew that I wanted an intelligently crafted, beautiful, natural perfume - one that when I wear it, I feel an added boost of confidence, an extra sexy allure. Well, Magazine Street met all of these requirements, and more. Written words cannot adequately convey how exquisite Strange Invisible perfumes smell. Alexandra Balahoutis’ deft hand in blending natural fragrances is unparalleled in my experience. Of the entire Strange Invisible collection, there was not a single fragrance that I did not enjoy and I quickly realized that selecting a personal fragrance would be much more difficult to do than I had anticipated! I asked Salwa for her opinion, and she advised me to select the perfume that really seemed to resonate with me. As I had been so initially intrigued by Magazine Street, and because its fragrant notes were exceptionally well balanced and nuanced, I decided to purchase the full size of Magazine Street. Every day that I wear it I feel a bit more confident and have a spring in my step. Very often when I am in public, complete strangers approach me to comment on how incredible I smell. Notably, not a single person has ever asked “what perfume I am wearing.” I think that, intuitively, these people recognize that what I am wearing is completely different than the conventional perfume products which flood the market. I’ve made it my habit to tell these kind strangers about both Bergamot Beauty and Strange Invisible perfumes, because I believe that the Strange Invisible perfumes are the intelligent, well-crafted, artisan answer to a market that is flooded with products that I consider to be a bit lackluster.

Review and photo by Lacy Benoit.

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