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Glowy + Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial October 23, 2016 12:39

Having been a makeup artist for many years, it's always a pleasure for me to teach people how to do everyday looks. I understand that while makeup application comes naturally to me, it doesn't to all. I love that there are so many natural beauty products out there now, making it so easy to achieve a flawless look - whether you want to look totally dolled up, or subtly radiant. Here's two of my favorite looks, a daytime strobing effect for a natural glow and a rich smoky eye for night time. 


Start with a base - GRESSA foundation (coming soon!) is perfect for this or a good tinted moisturizer.  Buff the liquid into your skin. I also like using a blending sponge around the neckline to create an even canvas. If you prefer a powder, make sure your skin is primed with plenty of moisture first, otherwise the powder will settle into all the little crevices that you are trying to hide! Lina Hanson's Global Face Serum is a perfect primer for this. It gives such a nice glow to the skin. GRESSA's Purifying Oil is also a very good option. Next smile and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and just below. GRESSA's Lumière in Elise is my go to for the most amazing pop of color. I've got a darker complexion but this color is so build-able it seems to work on most people. Next take a highlighter, such as GRESSA's Illuminating Serum (back in stock soon!) and highlight areas of your face where light naturally hits. The largest part of the "apple" on your cheek, the bridge of your nose, and below your brow bone are good places to start. The Cupid's bow above your lip and the corners of your eyes are also good spots. I like to do my cheeks with my fingers and the other areas with a good flat concealer brush. A couple coats of mascara and a nice neutral lip and you are good to go! For me, Just like Jade by nūdus is the perfect everyday color. I also really like the GRESSA's Lip Boosts. 

To build on this look we can add a smoky eye. Using the same concealer brush I had mentioned above, take a dark cream shadow like GRESSA's Eye Tint in Obscur or Bronce and fill in the crease of your eyelid. Add some kohl to both the upper and lower lash lines and slightly smudge to get that "slept in makeup" effect. 

Makeup is so much fun, don't be afraid to experiment when you have the time. It's not permanent so play away! 


I am Haseena Samtani. I was born in India, moved to the States when I was 3 and grew up mostly on the west coast. I got married 5 years ago and moved to Shanghai, then Dubai, and now Florida. I've always had a strong belief in natural remedies and have favored Ayurveda because of my heritage. I fell in love with natural beauty while I was pregnant with my daughter. It took me a few years to go completely clean, especially because I am a former makeup artist and had LOADS of products! But now that I have I definitely won't go back. 


Gressa Makeup Tutorial by Suzy Gerstein October 9, 2016 08:29

If you follow us on Instagram, you'll know that we are HUGE fans of makeup artist extraordinaire Suzy Gerstein.  Her work is just amazing and we never cease to be inspired by what she creates.  We literally jumped for joy when we recently had the opportunity to have Suzy create a look on her beautiful sister Rachel using Gressa makeup.  Read on below for a glimpse into Suzy's genius and step by step instructions on the gorgeous makeup look she created for her sister.  


I am so excited to welcome Kate Myer from one of our favorite blogs, Makeup Brew, to Bergamot Beauty.  Not only is she a kind and funny soul, but she is also a lover of green beauty and coffee - two MUSTS in my book!  Read on below for a little more about Kate and please be sure to visit her beautifully written blog here. Thank you dear Kate! xoxo Salwa

Kate Myer has a blood type of coffee, is an avid runner, and wears makeup on the weekends. She is the writer behind Makeup Brew, a blog that has the most verbose coffee reviews and cruelty-free beauty in the land. When she’s not looking for jokes or people to drink coffee with, you can find her in Seattle trying to keep her Japanese maple trees alive, watching Kung Fu Panda with her boys for the umpteenth time, and having staring contests with her puppy, Charlie.


With an abundance of choices for makeup, where does one start? The myriad number of products for foundation alone is mind boggling. Let's not even talk about blush. Anyone else just need every blush color ever made? 

Several products boast multifunctionality and promises of tiny, undetectable pores. Everyone's skin is different and everyone has different standards of beauty. What we need is a line of products that will help us all achieve that feeling of beautiful - on our own terms.

Let me introduce to you, Gressa. An organic, vegan line created by Svetlana Sanchez complete with skin care, skin treatments, and makeup. Svetlana's goal is to create makeup that's good for your skin, easy to use, and multipurpose. She is passionate about her craft. This passion bursts through if you get the chance to talk to her. Her thoughtful nature, genuine interest in her customers, and approachability are endearing qualities make Gressa Skin all the more beautiful. 

With many items to choose from, I have selected 3 that meet the demands of quality, multifunctionality, and efficacy. Let's take a look!

1. Renewing Polish

Starting with the basics of what a polish should do: exfoliate. Any dry skin should be effectively removed post treatment. Your skin should feel smooth, not rough or tight. Essentially, we are physically trying to slough off the dead skin. So, what makes this particular polish special? 

Clarify: When I see the word clarify, I think about the deep abyss that is my pores. I don't own one of those fancy magnifying mirrors because I would cry. But, I expect these pores to "feel" clean. I envision them looking like a squeaky clean crater without debris and stuff that will bloom into lovely pimples. I know that when I use this scrub on an area that feels suspicious of developing a pimple, two days later, the site is less inflamed. And, the suspicious little pimple never appears. 

Brighten: Now when we think of brightening, we generally think of reducing the color of something we don't want on our faces- acne scars, sun spots, or last night's poor sleep. You know your own face best, so when you see brightening after using a product, you look at yourself and think, "Whoa, selfie time!". It's an inner glow, outside glow, and wonderment of why I can't wake up like this every. day. In order to get this glow, though, generally, we need to use ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). 

I have sensitive skin and things that have ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) terrify me. Think: burn. However, ascorbic acid plays a vital role in collagen synthesis. It keeps our skin looking juicy and pinchable. Ascorbic acid may even prevent and treat UV-induced photodamage, however, the research in this claim is still quite limited. 

The ascorbic acid in this polish has not only brightened my skin after 1 use, but it has not produced any ill-effects that I use to fear. There is no burning, no sheets of skin falling off, and absolutely no pain post treatment. 

I will advise that those with sensitive skin should only use this as an exfoliator and not a full on leave-on mask as we just can't with the skin we have. Those with non-sensitive skin, mask-on for 10 minutes to reach the glorious glow! 

Moisturize: How can one polish do so many things? You would think after cleaning our your pores, sloughing off dead skin, then brightening your complexion, that your skin would look like printer paper- super clean, super bright, and probably dry. But, this polish leaves your skin feeling moisturized and that is a hefty claim coming from someone with dry skin! Thanks to the raw organic honey, us dry skin people no longer have to fear so much. 

In short, this Renewing Polish delivers Olympic Gold Medal style. To complete your spa face polish experience, you can bathe yourself in the mist and you will have the most glorious glow!

2. Lip Boost

Possibly my all time favorite makeup product (with Lumiere coming in close to first place) are the Gressa Skin Lip Boosts, specifically in the shade Radiant. I am a berry shade lover and this deep, luscious, berry shade is perfect for year-round. The vibrancy, comfort, and opacity of Radiant are out of this universe. 

When I spoke about how multipurpose Gressa's products are- this lip boost works amazing as a blush, also. I've used many "multipurpose" products in my lifetime and rarely do lip products work as blushes because it's either too creamy or pore clogging. Or, vice versa in that blush products are simply too drying on the lips. For someone who has dry skin and sensitive lips, these lip boosts have been a delight on my face. Some shades can even double as a "cream eye shadow" however, please consider possibly using a brush when applying especially if you are going to paint your whole face with this product (i.e., sanitation practices). 

3. Lumiere Luminous Complexion Fluid

My other all time favorite Gressa product is the absolute beautiful Lumiere complexion fluid. Just let the name roll off your tongue for a second! This is in the shade Elise which is a delicious coral-pink shade with the slightest hint of luminescence to make one glow like the beautiful Legolas from Lord of the Rings. The second shade available is Amelia that emits a true coral-orange perfect for all skin tones. 

I don't know how this product can be so beautiful. I honestly do not. You can use it for your cheeks and lips and even as an eyeshadow for those with the right kind of skin tone. Lumiere glides on similar to the Minimalist foundation as it also as broccoli seed oil, rosehip oil, seabuckthorn oil, CoEnzymeQ10, and a host of other ingredients that truly nourish, moisturize, and improve your skin with use over time. 

You can build this product up to your desired level of opacity or make it as sheer as you want for the most natural-from-within-glow that is only achievable with products that meld so perfectly with your skin, in your skin, and with the perfect amount of luminescence. 

I have to stress how easy these products are to use. If you know where parts of your face are without a mirror, you can easily use the lip boosts (or Lumiere) to tap-tap on your cheeks and lips. Then, given you know where your face is, you can also apply the serum foundation (while avoiding the eyes) as if you were applying lotion and walk away with a perfectly blended, fresh face. 

For the busy mom who has 5 minutes each morning to feel human, for the makeup artist who needs high-def makeup with multifunctional properties for happy clients, or for the makeup enthusiast who just needs all the makeup, Gressa Skin comes highly recommended and rigorously tested by a busy mom, the makeup artist, and makeup enthusiast. I wholeheartedly hope you enjoy Gressa Skin if you are currently using this line and I invite you to check it out if you have not yet- it'll be one of the best beauty decisions you'll ever make!

Review and photos by Kate Myer.

***Shop GRESSA here!

P I N K February 13, 2016 10:03

One of our favorite go-to looks is bright pink lips.  It's effortless, gives us an instant pick-me-up, and looks fantastic paired with clean, dewy skin - what doesn't, right??  Below are a couple of photos we found inspiring:

Photo via Into The Gloss

Photo via Elle

Two of our top picks for this look are Gressa's Radiant Lip Boost and nūdus' Survivor.  They are both equally fantastic colors, loaded with beneficial ingredients, and super moisturizing.

Gressa Radiant Lip Boost

 nūdus Survivor

Have you tried bright pink lips?  What are your favorite colors?