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Glowy + Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial October 23, 2016 12:39

Having been a makeup artist for many years, it's always a pleasure for me to teach people how to do everyday looks. I understand that while makeup application comes naturally to me, it doesn't to all. I love that there are so many natural beauty products out there now, making it so easy to achieve a flawless look - whether you want to look totally dolled up, or subtly radiant. Here's two of my favorite looks, a daytime strobing effect for a natural glow and a rich smoky eye for night time. 


Start with a base - GRESSA foundation (coming soon!) is perfect for this or a good tinted moisturizer.  Buff the liquid into your skin. I also like using a blending sponge around the neckline to create an even canvas. If you prefer a powder, make sure your skin is primed with plenty of moisture first, otherwise the powder will settle into all the little crevices that you are trying to hide! Lina Hanson's Global Face Serum is a perfect primer for this. It gives such a nice glow to the skin. GRESSA's Purifying Oil is also a very good option. Next smile and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and just below. GRESSA's Lumière in Elise is my go to for the most amazing pop of color. I've got a darker complexion but this color is so build-able it seems to work on most people. Next take a highlighter, such as GRESSA's Illuminating Serum (back in stock soon!) and highlight areas of your face where light naturally hits. The largest part of the "apple" on your cheek, the bridge of your nose, and below your brow bone are good places to start. The Cupid's bow above your lip and the corners of your eyes are also good spots. I like to do my cheeks with my fingers and the other areas with a good flat concealer brush. A couple coats of mascara and a nice neutral lip and you are good to go! For me, Just like Jade by nūdus is the perfect everyday color. I also really like the GRESSA's Lip Boosts. 

To build on this look we can add a smoky eye. Using the same concealer brush I had mentioned above, take a dark cream shadow like GRESSA's Eye Tint in Obscur or Bronce and fill in the crease of your eyelid. Add some kohl to both the upper and lower lash lines and slightly smudge to get that "slept in makeup" effect. 

Makeup is so much fun, don't be afraid to experiment when you have the time. It's not permanent so play away! 


I am Haseena Samtani. I was born in India, moved to the States when I was 3 and grew up mostly on the west coast. I got married 5 years ago and moved to Shanghai, then Dubai, and now Florida. I've always had a strong belief in natural remedies and have favored Ayurveda because of my heritage. I fell in love with natural beauty while I was pregnant with my daughter. It took me a few years to go completely clean, especially because I am a former makeup artist and had LOADS of products! But now that I have I definitely won't go back.