Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, Nucifera is a raw, plant-based line of products centralized on the healing properties of the coconut. Sourced from the purest and most potent ingredients mother nature can provide, the products will give you the means to a healthier and more radiant you.

Nucifera was founded by Meredith Baird, the co-author of three books, Raw Chocolate, Everyday Raw DetoxPlant Food and recent solo title - Coconut Kitchen.

Meredith believes in living life beautifully by nourishing yourself with life-filled, health-giving foods. Her offerings are designed to inspire and let nature do most of the work.

Nourish your beauty with Nucifera.

From the founder:

"With a lifelong passion for personal health, we have always believed that what’s going on inside is almost always reflected on the outside. Being aware of what goes both in and on our bodies is essential to maintaining a healthy existence and a more vital you."