Olio E Osso


Olio E Osso is produced in by hand in small batches in Portland, OR. Each balm has an all natural base that utilizes the time honored nourishing properties of olive and shea oils bound together with natural beeswax and grapefruit essential oils. All of the versatile balms are meant to be used on your lips, face, body, and hair.   

Olio E Osso strongly believes that good things come from supporting local communities, which is why they design, source, and hand produce locally from pure, naturally sourced, and minimally processed ingredients.  

About the founder:

Paola Lamorticella has worked in the film and commercial industry internationally as a stylist and makeup artist for over 25 years. She developed Olio Bam No.1 to soothe her son's sensitive skin. Paola is based in Portland, Oregon. She lives with her husband and two children.