Sigil Scent


SIGIL SCENT creates beautiful, functional, transportive products that help to nurture and stimulate the senses, skin, and mind.

The line's unisex fragrances are free of harsh chemicals and synthetics. Instead, they're brimming with the energy of real flowers and plants. The brand never compromises on naturalness: they choose only organic, wildcrafted, and sustainable materials for use in their products.

SIGIL SCENT's natural, long-wearing perfumes are hand blended and poured in small batches. Each scent tells a story: an intention, a moment alone in nature, to be remembered with every application.

A sigil (/ˈsɪdʒəl/; from Latin sigillum or "seal") is a unique symbol, infused with personal meaning. In modern usage, a sigil is created to channel its creator's intentions and aspirations.

Each of the brand's fragrances is designated by a special symbology—a sigil and a color. This creative application of an ages-old esoteric tradition imparts a feeling of weight to the intimate ritual of choosing and wearing a fragrance.

From ideation to application, every ounce and bottle of SIGIL SCENT is suffused with deep intentionality.

From the founder:

SIGIL SCENT is natural, but not overly simple. Our fragrances are complex, blended for long wear, and ensconced in beautiful violet glass. From blend to bottle, they are meant to evoke a sense of purpose, of weight and substance.”

Read the interview with Sigil Scent's founder, Patrick Kelly, here.