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February 22, 2017
We are thrilled to welcome Sigil Scent to Bergamot Beauty. These natural, unisex scents blew us away the minute we experienced them. We're honored to share this interview with the line's wonderful founder, Patrick Kelly. AND to kick things off, we are offering a very special GIVEAWAY. The first 5 orders of Sigil Scent will receive a free sampler set that includes the ENTIRE line (6 scents in 5ml bottles!). In addition, giveaway winners will receive a personal consultation (via phone or email) with Patrick to discuss fragrance tips (where to apply, how to make the fragrance last longer, etc.) and recommendations. So read on below to discover more about this beautiful brand!
Patrick Kelly
Tell us a little about yourself?  How did Sigil Scent come about? 
Hi, I’m Patrick Kelly, Founder of SIGIL SCENT. Throughout my life, I’ve been inspired by nature and its plethora of aromatic flowers and plants. I grew up in Florida, surrounded by citrus groves. I can still recall the fragrance of orange blossoms drifting over the highway. I’d always roll my windows down to catch a nice big whiff of their aroma. More recently, I’ve lived in New York, San Francisco, and finally in my current home of Ventura, California. There are loads of great hikes out here, covered in white sage, desert verbena, yerba santa, and other delicious-smelling native plants. If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, let us know—we’d be happy to go for a hike with you.

SIGIL SCENT came to fruition based on the insistence of friends and family that I bring to market my approach to balanced, unisex, long-wearing fragrance. Everything we source and use in our products is not only sustainable (we only purchase organic or wildcrafted materials), but blended for long wear. My friends were always asking me to make perfumes for them. Eventually, I decided to bring some of my personal favorites to a wider audience through the launch of SIGIL SCENT.

What led you to choose the name Sigil?  How does it inform your line and creative process?

The word “sigil” (pronounced "ˈsi-jil”) comes from the Latin word sigillum or “seal” and describes a unique symbol, created as an expression of its artist’s intention, will, or aspiration. 

The brand name reflects our love for ages-old esoteric traditions of magic, alchemy, and plant-based medicine. Each of our fragrances is designated by its own special symbology: a color and a “sigil,” or symbol. This creative application of “sigilization” is meant to call to mind the specific intention of each perfume blend. It is part and parcel to our formulary practice, which is steeped in deep intentionality—from ideation to blending to bottling each fragrance by hand.

Your scents are long-wearing, which is unusual for a natural fragrance.  How were you able to do that?

Most of our customers are impressed by how long our perfumes last on the skin. The wear time can range from a few hours to 8+ depending on how moisturized your skin is before spraying. We never use phthalates or other chemical additives, fixatives, or synthetic fragrance. Instead, we blend to a very high (but still safe) concentration. Essentially, whereas the usual concentration of “juice” (the aromatic components of a perfume) within a commercial perfume sits comfortably around 10–12%, we blend between 15–20%. Most of our fragrances are also very concentrated in base notes—those which tend to have the longest wear. Our carrier is also a certified organic, plant-based alcohol that is non-drying and sustainable.

How do you advise clients to approach your line?

We attract a wide range of customers: from those who want their perfumes to be as efficacious as they are pure, to folks who prescribe wholly to our focus on fragrance as a vehicle for channeling an intention. 

Certainly, you should shop first for a perfume whose profile matches your taste, but also consider choosing one for its symbol, color, or intention word. More often than not, those who are drawn to a particular fragrance’s symbol or color often find its smell alluring. Give it a go and let us know what you think. We love to hear your feedback.

This is probably a difficult question to answer, but do you have a favorite scent?

I’ve been feeling most drawn to FOCUS lately. It’s rich in neroli and tansy, along with a slew of other delectable herbal notes. I think it all goes back to that orange blossom I mentioned.

What's the best compliment you've ever received about your line?

I really love when people appreciate the level of complexity we lend to our perfumes. I’m beyond enthralled with how many of our customers tell us they haven’t ever worn a truly natural perfume that is as sophisticated or long-wearing.

How do your scents tie in with wellness? 

Because we only use organic and wildcrafted ingredients, you can rest assured that you aren’t putting harsh toxins on your skin or into your blood stream. At a macro or socio-environmental level, you should feel awesome knowing that you aren’t using your dollars to vote for conventional agriculture that pollutes soil, ground water, or poisons the farmers tending to a given crop. This is smell-good, feel-good fragrance.

My favorite scent from the line is your newest, BLOOM.  How would you describe it?  

I am so thrilled you enjoy it, Salwa. It’s one of my personal favorites, too.

BLOOM is a sexy, spicy-sweet, unisex floral. There aren’t enough androgynous rose perfumes out there, in our view. So I blended BLOOM to be as masculine as it is feminine: with leathery, resinous notes of styrax, sweet-green spikenard, jasmine, and organic Bulgarian rose. There are some other curve balls in the dry down.

What do you hope to convey through your scents?

We want to convince more consumers to switch from mass perfumes to natural. They can still be sexy, modern, and sophisticated.

I’m also a huge proponent for social and environmental responsibility, so we would love to tell stories about nature and plants through the fragrances we create.

What's next for Sigil Scent?

Body care! I can’t share much yet, but definitely go follow us on Instagram so you can stay abreast of TWO exciting launches coming soon. Hint: smooth, soft, delicious-smelling skin.

Shop SIGIL SCENT products here.


Shrankhla Holecek of UMA

We've recently launched UMA, a skin care and wellness line we have admired for a long time.  We are absolutely thrilled to be working with this amazing company and are honored to share with you this rich and inspiring interview with the line's incredible founder!
Shrankhla Holecek
When/how did you realize that you wanted to share your family's skin care creations with the world and turn UMA into a business?

I think a part of UMA was born when I was – in that my family has farmed and distilled some of the world’s finest essential oils, literally for centuries – so as a child, I spent long summers at our organic rose farms, learning about our sustainable farming or extraction processes. And yet – another part of me wanted to get as far away from the family business I could – so I studied engineering and moved to the States, got an MBA and worked with management consulting firm McKinsey for five years.

 So I’d be lying if I said there was one precipitating moment – it was the sum of my education, experiences and heritage that led me to found UMA. I have long known that my family produces some of the world’s finest organic oils, and that our potent family formulas are very illustrious – but it wasn’t an emotional decision to move into this category. It was the fact that consumers were finally (and very rightly) questioning the ingredients and the formulation of their products that gave me the confidence to believe that our story and our absolute dedication to ingredient purity will resonate with customers.

If you could only use ONE UMA product for an entire year, which would it be, and why?

Ah that’s a tough one even for a minimalist like me (e.g., I can’t remember the last time I used a store bought face wash!). I suppose it’ll have to be our Ultimate Brightening Face Oil. I travel a lot and work mad hours, so my skin most notably takes a beating in terms of dullness and generally looking “tired”. This super-absorbent, luxe, triple-action blend is packed with high-performance, instantly brightening ingredients like Rose, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang.  I use it on its own or under a light foundation in the day for noticeably more luminous, even and hydrated skin.

What is in store for UMA over the coming year? Are there any products that you are hoping to launch?

I can’t spill a lot because we’re giving this as an exclusive to a very notable magazine BUT it’ll have lots and lots of rose, and it’s a completely transformational Ayurvedic beauty ritual. Unlike anything in our current portfolio, or on market. Stay tuned!

What is your favorite Ayurvedic practice?

If I had to pick, it’d be the detox rituals. Ayurveda has some really cool and highly efficacious detox tricks and I love that they’re simple, bite-sized and something you can work into your day rather easily. My favorites are: tongue cleansing (many don’t realize but a lot of toxins build up on your tongue and simply scraping the tongue – use your tooth brush if a scraper is not available – morning an evening can really help!), oil pulling (I do this whenever I can), a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the AM and dry brushing (amazing for limbic system detox and cellulite reduction).

What does your self care practice look like?

I realize that this is uninspiring to say but it’s the truth so I’m going to say it – with a zillion conflicting priorities, I have difficulty prioritizing self-care. That said, I have tried to zero in on how I use the little time I have to myself most effectively. I try to get a little bit of exercise almost every day (this is not a full out sweat session at the gym, sometimes it’s 15 minutes on a rowing machine in front of the telly – in my work pants!). I try to use very high quality products (not necessarily expensive, high quality) in my (very simplified) beauty rituals. For better or worse, that is reflected in how many of the UMA products and rituals are created and who they’re most tailored towards. They are few in number, solid products, highly efficacious and get the job done very rapidly. (A serum and moisturizer in one – yes, please!). My one little indulgence of time is in how I use the UMA products – I’ll always sneak in a little extra face massage when using the oil, ice my face after the masks and spend a good 3-4 minutes on a wellness oil before bedtime.

What is your favorite skin care ingredient?

Sandalwood – in every format! Powdered into face masks, distilled into essential oils for skin care and poured into indulgent baths! It deeply calms skin, helps the body’s limbic detox and as an aroma can be very therapeutically grounding and confidence boosting.

What is a skin care ingredient that deserves more attention in the green beauty community?

I’m tempted to say saffron or sandalwood – but realize that they’re rare and hard to get one’s hands on - so I will go with the friendly neighborhood tomato! Tomato extract contains lycopene, which attacks free radicals to prevent sun damage for a youthful, glowing complexion. Maintaining your skin’s hydration levels, tomato extract also has anti-inflammatory benefits, making it especially effective in treating acne, removing blackheads and tightening pores. Aside from giving you smooth, soft skin, its high vitamin C content helps to even out and brighten skin tone.

What has been the most difficult UMA product to formulate/develop/produce, and why?

Given that all our formulas are hundreds of years old, and that the development of the product (i.e., putting those formulas into a product) is supported by an awesome team of PhDs and doctors who’ve been with our family for decades – I’d say formulation and development have not been hard. In terms of ingredients, rose oil might be the one that takes the most labor of love, if you will. Roses take a lot of TLC to flourish, and it takes a LOT of roses to get a very little amount of rose oil. Start to finish, it’s the most raw material and labor intensive oil to extract. But the (incredible smelling and functioning) end justifies the means, right?!

What defines UMA and makes it different from other skin care companies?

If I think about the core values behind the brand, they are inspired by my aunt Uma, whose memory the brand was named after. Our brand celebrates the Uma in each of us – our ability to find peace amidst chaos, to balance our complex ambitions with our most fundamental emotions, and to find contentment in the knowledge that everything we need is already within us. My aunt taught me that true beauty is found in simplicity, integrity and equilibrium – and our brand strives to honor her by ensuring every drop of our oil consists of the same. 


The key difference between our oils - and many (all?) natural beauty brands in general - is that we are completely vertically integrated. The entire process, from the organic growing, to the harvesting, to the extraction and blending process is managed by one estate (ours). This means we can entirely control the quality of our essential oils from start to finish. Most of our competitors purchase oils from external sources where the quality cannot be verified. This means their consumers are often using products with diluted essential oils and are none the wiser. Not only can we ensure the integrity of our ingredients; we also can stand behind our workers who all have expertise and degrees in Ayurvedic science. This combination allows us to create truly effective products that bring Ayurvedic remedies to modern day. 


Also, I think our products are unique because they leverage centuries of expertise – and time-honored formulas – to address skin and wellness issues that sometimes feel inherently modern. We pride ourselves on consistently innovating to bring our customers the most effective formulas we can, but we trust in our history, too. There is real power in simplicity, and by going back to basics – in the form of pure and unadulterated botanicals – we’re bringing these powerful solutions directly to our customers.


In addition, UMA Oils is a company that truly respects the community and environment our products come from. Our farming practices are pesticide-free and we repurpose and recycle our waste to minimize our environmental footprint. In addition, we foster a number of gender equality initiatives, as well as programs to help our staff and community with basic needs. 


Shop UMA products here.


Special thank you to Lacy Benoit for assisting us with this interview.


Misty Litt of BLOOM Skin Essentials

We have been fans of Misty Litt and her line, BLOOM, for a long time and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her phenomenal products join the Bergamot Beauty family! Besides creating gorgeous skin care, Misty is also an accomplished nutrition therapist - learn more about her work in this field here (we are DEFINITELY going to make her recipe for Pomegranate Bark with Almonds & Sea Salt this fall!). Read on below for our conversation with this inspiring and lovely woman. Thank you Misty!!!  

Misty and her daughter, Beatrice

Misty and her daughter, Beatrice

1. How does your skincare brand reflect who you are as a person?

The word "bloom" defines the line, and myself, in a single word. Every formula incorporates petals, peels, roots, leaves, extracts and/or oils from flowers and herbs. Plants literally feed the skin and the skin “blooms.” While Bloom is a culmination of the natural world inherent in the products, it also grew out of my transformative personal journey with my daughter. When she was 5-years old, she was chronically ill with developmental delays, hormonal imbalances, severe internal inflammation and a barely functioning liver (the body’s great detoxifier). We learned through a slew of lab testing that her body was essentially broken from extreme sensitivity to environmental toxins. Our doctor told us to go home and read every product label in our house and to get rid of it if it contained preservatives, fillers, synthetics, fragrances, etc. We intensely detoxified our food, household and personal care products for a year and the next round of lab testing showed a completely different child. During that year, I cooked everything my kids ate, made all of our cleaning supplies and used olive oil for our skin needs (because it had only one ingredient!). I quickly learned that olive oil is wonderful, but it can’t do everything, so I put my Anthropology degree to good use and researched what women had been using, beauty-wise, for thousands of years. I discovered that plants and oils are intensely therapeutic and medicinal and was inspired to dive head first into creating my own personal beauty ritual. My beauty ritual slowly transformed into BLOOM. I became a nutrition therapist along the way, which solidified my passion for detoxifying the body.

2. Can you tell us your morning or evening (or both) skincare routine?

The first thing I do in the morning is spritz with Hydrate - I love the scent and the cool liquid helps wake me up. After I exercise, I use Polish to cleanse and exfoliate and then I spritz on Hydrate to tone and prep my skin to absorb the nutrients from Nourish. I add a touch of Restore around my eyes, and as a final step, I use Replenish, Bloom’s soon to be released face balm for dry skin. I let everything soak in while I plan my clothes and then I apply sunscreen, a bit of natural makeup and a final spritz of Hydrate to set the look and give a dewy finish. At night I do the same thing but I remove my makeup with Glow (Bloom’s oil-based cleanser) and combine Polish with Glow for a nighty facial. I’ll leave this on while I brush my teeth and prep for bed, usually 5-10 minutes. It’s so important to find time to pamper ourselves a bit each day, and for me, my nightly beauty ritual is it. I’ve also been experimenting with some natural perfumes so I add them at night. There’s something about going to bed smelling like orange blossoms, jasmine and lavender that makes a girl feel like a queen – I highly recommend it!

3. What is one ingredient you love that hasn’t quite found the limelight yet that you’d love to share?

Ghee! Most people are aware that ghee tastes delicious in food, but are surprised to hear it’s wonderful for the skin too. Ghee from grass-fed cows is actually quite high in Omega 3 fatty acids because grass itself is naturally high in Omega 3s. This makes ghee a great anti-inflammatory ingredient for puffy skin (like the eye area). It’s high in Vitamin A, which helps reduce roughness, wrinkles and photo-damaged skin. It’s also very strengthening and softening and you can’t beat the beautifully creamy texture. Women in India have used ghee as a key ingredient in their beauty rituals for thousands of years - they figured out long ago that it slows down cellular aging. Bloom’s Restore Eye Cream has a ghee base and my upcoming Replenish dry skin balm also incorporates ghee – it has a stunning effect on the skin!

4. What is one must-try product from your line?

Polish, Bloom’s daily exfoliant customized by skin type, is really special. I think it’s the part of the beauty ritual that everyone loves the most because it’s so gentle, smells so good and leaves the skin feeling amazing. Dry skin Polish has healthy fats from almonds that moisturize while they exfoliate, while the oily skin line focuses on oil-absorbing rice powder that also works to tighten pores (with the combination line being a mixture of the two). Years ago, I used to get so excited about doing a face mask and always felt stripped, tight and dry afterward. With Polish, I worked to create a spa-like exfoliating mask that made my skin feel clean but also soft and radiant. Polish also incorporates organic dried flower petals that smell beautiful but also have been used traditionally in poultices for skin-type specific issues.

5. How does skin care enhance wellness?

The bottom line with skin care is that, by using it, you are either adding to your body’s toxic burden or you are reducing it. Most women use skin care morning and night, which means that over time it can drastically impact their health. Skincare can specifically enhance health when it’s made up of fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients. Therapeutic grade essential oils are a great example of this. When applied to the skin in the form of a serum, they get absorbed by the skin cells, enter the bloodstream through the walls of the blood vessels and are carried around the body to be used by other cells for repair and regeneration and to kill microbes and fight infections (among other tasks). We aren’t just affecting the outcome of our skin when we apply products – we are directly impacting our internal health as well. This is why choosing clean ingredients can be beneficial on so many levels.

6. What is your favorite quote?

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom. – Anais Nin

7. What is one question that you haven't been asked in an interview that you would like to chime in on?

I often think about the use of rituals in our daily lives. As women, our beauty rituals are deeply rooted in our feminine identities and serve to connect us to the women who came before us. For instance, women in ancient India used ghee and essential oils in their beauty rituals; in ancient Japan, women adored rice powder to control oil and lighten the skin, and ancient Egyptian women coveted aloe and rosewater for their beautifying effects. I find it comforting and a bit magical to know that the beauty ritual I’ve created with Bloom may look similar to what women were using 5,000 years ago. Ultimately, I think we are all looking for ways to ground ourselves and I’m thrilled that Bloom has given me the opportunity to play a small part in that aspect of women’s lives.

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Special thank you to Lacy Benoit for assisting us with this interview.


Chase Polan of KYPRIS

Beauty. Soul. Science.  The three words that KYPRIS uses to describe its raison d'être.  And if you've ever used any of their products or read about the brand, you'd know why.  KYPRIS has redefined the face of natural and organic beauty with its line of elixirs and serums, and continues to do so - now with its new body oil, INFLORESCENCE.  We sat down with the brand's unbelievably inspiring founder, Chase Polan, to learn more about her and KYPRIS and couldn't be more excited (we're giddy as we type this!) to share it with you! 

1)  Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to start a skin care line?  Why did you name the brand KYPRIS?

Besides being absolutely wild for all things skin care, beauty, and spa, I had a deep desire to create a different experience of Beauty. I love science, feminism, wellness, spirituality, Nature, and Beauty.

The namesake of the line is a cypriot goddess, Kypris, which is an integrated entity. So often we think of a goddess in a way that some ad exec conceives of it. The true goddess energy is always integrated. I especially loved Kypris because she is robustly feminine, a true fertility and mother goddess who famously went to the natural spas at Paphos yet not even war could conquer Her. She beautifully represents the energy I seek to imbue in our patrons' experience of their divinely unique Beauty.

2) The line has become well known for its facial elixirs and serums - they're gorgeous!  What led to the creation of your new release - Inflorescence?

Thank you thank you!! Often we think of skin care and Beauty for our face. If we're really progressive then maybe our face, neck, and decollete. Our body deserves as much care as the rest of us. We are aiming for the healing experience of full body delight so Inflorescence made sense as our next offering.

3) The bottle in which the body elixir is housed is stunning.  What inspired it?

The lace decoration of Inflorescence was inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement in the US. With the developments of the Industrial Revolution, the netting of the lace could be mass produced and women could create the lace from home. For some, it was an additional income. For others it was a means of supporting the family while staying home able to watch . There is also no such thing as "U.S. American" lace. I love the humbling reminder that we are predominantly a nation of immigrants who bring with them immense and diverse gifts.

The bottle is green in honor of our heart chakra, the counterpoint of our lower, more human and higher, more etheric energy centers. Inflorescence is meant to be applied to our extremities and then massaged towards our hearts. This is in flow with and benefits our lymphatic systems.

4) Inflorescence's ingredient list is impressive.  What are some of the benefits of the individual ingredients?

Thank you!

  • * Sweet Iris Stem Cells: Smooths the appearance of skin's texture and supports collagen to plump skin to a vibrant luminosity.
  • * Moringa: A plant oil that is a wealth of vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids from the kernels of a miraculous tree that flourishes even in drought to soothe and nourish stubborn dry skin. // KYPRIS’s moringa kernel oil is from a co-operative effort, Trees for Life, that uses the leaves for malnutrition relief and the kernels for the oil.A wealth of vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids from the kernels of this miraculous tree that flourishes even in drought soothes and nourishes stubborn, dry skin. The kernels can be used to regrow the trees but so can clippings of the leaves. The kernels can clarify water but not purify water to an extent that it is potable, so they are best used for their nourishing oil which is not traditionally consumed. The Moringa Kernel oil in this product benefits Trees for Life in Nicaragua.
  • * Sunflower: I know sunflower seed oil is not fancy-sounding, however it is one of the best oils for skin and sun exposure. Local, organic blooms yield a golden seed oil wealthy in sun-protective beta-carotene and an auspicious fatty acid composition for a delicate emollience.
  • * Tamanu: One of my favorite emollient oils, the organically grown and cooperative-pressed Tamanu oil inspires cellular renewal, is used in France to help soothe burned skin, and is fantastic for enhancing the elasticity of pregnant bellies.
  • * Prickly Pear: My 3+ year cheerleading effort to bring wild crafted, Arizona-high-desert prickly pear seed oil and the result of a 3+ year collaboration with a wild crafting group, our organic, wild crafted Prickly Pear seed oil is a unique wealth of amino acids and vitamin E that soothes stressed and tired skin.

5) What's most important to you about you're trying to accomplish with your line?  What sets it apart from other brands?

Shifting the experience of Beauty isn't just about marketing, it's about how we formulate. It means that our products are meant to benefit our patrons instead of using questionable ingredients to deliver a quick superficial fix that over time hurts their well-being and health.

There are so many beautiful lines on the market today yet I think what KYPRIS does particularly well is bridge the rigor of science and clinically proven actives with the earthy dynamism of mindful sourcing practices and the wisdom of holism which demands that the benefit of the consumer is considered equal to the stewardship of the land as well as labor standards and procurement practices. "Natural cosmeceutical" sounds almost contradictory but it's exactly what we are.

6) And a little about you!  Describe your perfect day.  What book(s) are you currently reading?  What do you l like about living in Arizona?

My perfect day is usually Friday because I get to work and play! I start my day with cuddles. Then move on to my spiritual work of making my day, feeling what is greeting me that morning, reading something inspiring, sitting in quiet for a few minutes, praying on what needs prayed over, and then a little sweat-fest. A shower. Anoint myself with my favorite potions and off to creating, writing, planning, and plotting! I'd meet a girlfriend for lunch. Attend a class of some sort in the afternoon and then meet my husband for a walk around the latest museum exhibit or gallery opening. Off to dinner...and then home, for a movie or an episode of shark tank and then bed.


I've been reading a lot of cookbooks lately. I'm loving Coconut Kitchen and the Clean Cuisine Dinners book. I'm about to start reading Conscious Leadership. The company has gotten large enough that it's time for me to work on my leadership skills more. For fun I'm listening to A Discovery of Witches.


What do I love about Arizona? Well, it gets a well-deserved crap rap in the news. Some of the policy proposed in this state is unconscionable. However, there are so many wonderful things this isn't going to be short. I love the spaciousness and intensity of the state. Someone once told me that the desert protects its healers. I think that means if you are deeply committed to being in discovery of what wants to be healed and applying love to it, then you qualify. People are very polite. The art scene is small yet quality and very accessible which I love. Scottsdale is a very health conscious place so if you're looking for great yoga or a a detox professional or top quality naturopath, you're going to find it. I love the accessibility of the farms and how closely several restaurants work with these local operations. I could go on, but this is a good start.

7) What's next for KYPRIS?

Goddess willing! We will have a cleanser coming out in the next few months and a few other surprises. Now that we have the bulk of our supply chain built into our lab we've been developing products like crazy. It's been amazing and I'm so excited for all that's to come!

Shop KYPRIS products here.


Stefani Padilla of La Tierra Sagrada

We are absolutely wild for Stefani's line of high vibrational hair products - they have literally changed our hair (and overall beauty and wellness practice!). So we are incredibly honored to have her be our first maker interview.  She is an amazingly inspiring woman and we're so appreciative of her spending some time with us. Read on below! 


1) Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a hairstylist, and the creator of La Tierra Sagrada Hair products. I have been doing hair for over a decade. I launched La Tierra Sagrada, a plant based “hair medicine” line, a year and a half ago. Through this I have learned to bridge the plant and the human world and built a beautiful community surrounding it.

I currently reside in Laurel Canyon Los Angeles. In the middle of a canyon, which inspires my day-to-day routine in the studio.

When I am not creating products, I work out of Lucas Salon in Echo Park.

I freelance a bit, styling hair on shoots and do weddings as well.

2) What led you to create a hair care line?

After battling with chronic rheumatoid arthritis, I was put on steroids, which led to hair loss. Working with plant medicine taught me to use the strength and healing power from the plants and non chemical substances to strengthen the hair, and aid in it growing back.I created the line for anyone who has suffered from hair loss due to disease, hormones, stress, post child birth, etc. I strive to create products with powerful plant medicine to help the hair to grow. This is my gift to share, and it has been the hugest blessing.

3) Describe your perfect day.

I've said many times “A day on a tropical beach.” Now it has shifted - I have just returned from the Spirit Weavers Gathering. The most beautiful experience shared with 500 women amongst the Redwoods. I spend 5 days in ceremony with sisters from all over the world-Sharing, honoring, heart expanding. Every day there was perfect. So this is my new “tropical beach” dream. A day a the Spirit Weavers Gathering.

4) What's your favorite thing about Los Angeles?

It took me a little while to figure this one out, after all, coming from NY, I had to shed a few layers...Honestly, it is the all about the community here. The rise in creativity and witnessing dreams manifesting into reality, is all through support. I feel like I have met my tribe here. We all help each other to dream, to grow and ultimately transform.

5) What's your favorite animal and why?

My spirit and medicine friends. I often work with cetaceans in my dreams and the ocean in reality. Seeing dolphins and whales is extremely humbling and profound to me.

6) What makes La Tierra Sagrada different?  Why did you choose that name?

I use the essence of the vine of Ayahuasca in all of my products to help strengthen the hair and to protect. The name is the bridge between the north and the south and the blending of the medicines. I use Spanish, since it is the native language used in sacred ceremonies.

7) Can you tell us a little bit about Ayahuasca and Palo Santo?  Why do you include them in your line?

I use them both, since they are sacred elements used in an ayahuasca ceremony. Holy wood is burned to purify and cleanse. Aya is used as a protector and nurturer. Both essences are bottled in order to create/receive the energy of a ceremony without having to ingest. My purpose, to bridge the human and the plant world, is to share the wisdom of this powerful plant in a different way than the "traditional."

When we search for something in the external space that is physiologically in the body, it is important to understand that we can have these experiences without having to take something external. We are moving into the Aquarian Age, it is no longer about seeking external anymore, it’s about looking within and seeing what is already a part of us...harnessing our own power -internally. Ayahuasca is a powerful teacher, but what I'm doing is much more of a gentle approach as opposed to an intensely powerful approach...which, to each their own - I’m sharing the wisdom in a way that hasn't been done before. Through the crown chakra, which is all about receiving this energy.

8) Any tips about how to best use your amazing products?

Ritual, or as some friends have coined the term “hairemony”- LOVE.

9) What's next for La Tierra Sagrada?

I’m collaborating a lot with friends on upcoming products. This summer I have hopes to launch a Shampoo and Conditioner. My friend Sanea, of Sanae Intoxicants is helping with the scent, as well as a fragrance blend. I'm working on dry shampoos in shades of red, brown and blonde, using herbs and plants that aid in hair growth, one ingredient includes Sun Potion's He Shou Woo. Poppy and Someday and I are creating a Salve together and Flora Apothecary and I are creating a shampoo bar.

10) What's your favorite book and why?

Throughout my life I have played many different roles. Each character has taken on a new discovery with books and teachings. My collection of books is more of a journey through this lifetime. I’m picking up more as time moves forward…. As for right now the 3 books I have on my nightstand are:

-Three Magic Words

-The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jordowosky

-The Mists of Avalon

11) Other than La Tierra Sagrada, what are the other essentials of your beauty and wellness routines?

Water, dry brush, scrub, lymphatic massage, spas, ocean, swimming, hiking, running in nature! Creating, living, enjoying this precious life to the absolute fullest! With so much love!

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