Palo Santo Hydrosol

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Renew and reawaken to the core of your true beauty with Palo Santo. This “holy wood” has been used in the cleansing rituals of Central & South American peoples for hundreds of years. Become encircled by notes of bright citrus, rich vanilla and resinous wood. Mist during yoga or spiritual practice for grounding, enhancing creativity, elevating mood & stimulating the mind. Physically, Palo Santo is uplifting, being known to help relieve headaches, anxiety, depression and emotional blockages. This sacred mist is antioxidant-rich, purifying, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial, strengthening the skin as it hydrates and energizes tired muscles.

Our careful sourcing is in support of responsible and ethical practices, which have extensive reforestation efforts in place, ensuring a long-term supply for future generations. Coming from Ecuador (slightly sweeter) and Peru (slightly more spicy), the wood Wildare distills has been ethically collected from only naturally fallen wood, aged 3-5 years before harvest. As the tree cures over a few years, the sacred oil is being concentrated into the heartwood, leading to a more potent and resinous wood once distilled. When harvested ethically, no living trees are ever cut in the process. This ensures that the Palo Santo that is sourced is sustainable and contains the transformative essences that we all have come to love and recognize.

What is a hydrosol?

Hydrosols, also known as Distillates, are the subtle aromatic waters resulting from slowly steamed plant material. Lovingly made using hand collected local spring water, and combined with ethically wildcrafted organically grown plant material, they are distilled through a copper Alembic.

Alchemists from all over the world have performed transformational distillations in these traditional alembics for over 2000 years. The actual process of performing the distillation has a 3-5 hour duration, a much slower process compared to more commercialized modes of skin care production. What results is nutrient-rich water containing the plant's suspended particles of essential oils and plant acids. Each hydrosol offers its own unique healing properties dependant on the plant distilled.

Hydrosols are incredibly gentle and well-suited for beings of all ages and sensitivities (including babies and pets). Wildcare Hydrosols are recommended as a daily facial toner, but can also be used as a hair/scalp tonic, energetic refreshment, added to baths and used in conjunction with clay masks.


Mist liberally onto body or atmosphere. Notice how your energy shifts. If using on the face, mist your Hydrosol until saturated, and pat for ample hydration. For added moisture morning and night, follow by gently massaging a facial oil into the skin, and finish with another mist of your Hydrosol to lock in moisture. Your daily use restores the skin’s natural PH balance as it peacefully grounds you

Store your Hydrosol in the refrigerator for extra-cooling skin relief.

Keep in a cool, dark place, always out of direct sunlight, using within 1 year.


100% steam & hydro distillation of ethically sourced, Palo Santo Wood (Bursera graveolens)



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